Grown Folkz Kids Show podcastPodcast Interview about COG: War & Horses!

"This is an live interview with comic book writers and illustrators Jayel Draco and Chris Covelli from Oneshi Press. The Gr8 Gunny, Jayel and Chris digs DEEP into Hollywood's approach to making Sci-Fi movies. Is there any new stories left? Let's here more about this topic and their awesome Comic Series! For More information on Oneshi Press ..."

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

Awesome Review for GNOR!

Oneshi Press get an awesome review for our first Children of Gaia book, Great Nations of Rendaraia by Comic Book And Movie Reviews! They melt us with sweet statements like "expertly created by those two lovable rogues, Jayel Draco and Lynsey G." They also provide some insight for you, our beloved reader.

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

Featured Podcast Episode!

Oneshi Press co-founders (Jayel Draco and Lynsey G.) are featured on episode 94 of “Adrian Has Issues,” a weekly pop culture podcast! Fan extraordinaire Adrian King conducts candid interviews with comic book creators, musicians, filmmakers, and more. We mostly talk about Children of Gaia, the importance of diversity and similar progressive notions in pop-culture, and we get into the general Oneshi Press mission statement as well.

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

Feature Article in the Missoulian!

Oneshi Press co-founders Jayel Draco (writer/illustrator of GNOR) and Lynsey G (editor of GNOR) talked with Cory Walsh, the arts and entertainment editor of The Missoulian newspaper. As a result, a feature article about Oneshi Press is online today and was printed in the May 5th 2017 paper!

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

Great Nations of Rendaraia -5 Star Review from Readers Favorite


“The Great Nations of Rendaraia is the sort of book you tuck away with the most treasured novels in your library, removing it from the shelf every now and then simply to admire it. “—Caitlin Lyle Farley

Read more of this sweet review of Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia on Readers’ Favorite, where it was awarded with the coveted Five Star Readers’ Favorite award! Talk about making noise…

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

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