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Children of Gaia projects:

We have a number of projects planned in the Children of Gaia universe, spanning a range of media.
Our currently active projects include:Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

COG: The Great Nations of Rendaraia


The five Great Nations of Rendaraia have stood for centuries as strongholds of culture, magic, science, and military strength. When, one by one, the Nations mysteriously fall—each destroyed in a day, with no word or warning—the intrepid scholar Jan’Ka’Zian sets out to record a complex network of intertwined cultures on the edge of destruction. Jayel Draco’s gorgeous illustrations present a vivid picture of elaborate cityscapes and mountain vistas, vast skyfaring fleets, and fantastic flora and fauna.

COG: Projects - Oneshi Press's "Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia" Sample - Free Download

Click the image to download the FREE richly-illustrated PDF sample of The Great Nations of Rendaraia.

Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia now available

Now available through Oneshi Press, snag your signed copy! Limited edition Hard-Cover copies available while supplies last.

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

COG: War and Horses (coming soon)

COG: War and Horses - Title Banner
COG: War & Horses - The Dry Spot and The Draven Cavalry
COG: War & Horses - Draven Cavalry
COG: War & Horses - Langdon Ford - Mickey Cobb- The Governer
COG: War & Horses - The Dry Spot

Deep in the dustbowl of the newly formed People’s Republic of Draven, the old aristocracy coexists with a new government in an uneasy peace that’s often broken by conflict. Famine and drought wrack the once-fertile region—and violence is a spark to dry grass. In the midst of the chaos walks a shadowy figure: the Triggerman. The only sure thing about him is that he leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. Following that trail is novelist and journalist Landon Ford, documenting the Triggerman’s exploits and digging for the truth of his identity. War and Horses is Ford’s work: a series of dime-store novels, popular in Rendaraia and Terra alike. But the Triggerman is very real—and his true purpose may become the story of Ford’s life.

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

COG: Refuge

COG: Projects - Children of Gaia: Refuge - Shiny gold, copper, bronze, brass, metal logo text floating over an old-timey fantasy illustrated cartography mapThe chase is on, but who is the hunter and who is the prey? When high fantasy meets familiar warfare and stereotypes are turned upside down, things aren’t quite how they seem in this action/adventure fantasy 8-page short comic that gives a glimpse into the larger fantasy universe of Children of Gaia. The short comics presents tough questions, gives deeper insight into the challenges facing characters, and dazzles readers with new angles on a progressive, immersive, and gorgeous sequential-art story. “Refuge” is designed to be included among collected works, such as the Oneshi Press Anthology #07, and future COG collected works. It’s also available as a digital comic from Comixology.

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