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Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

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Oneshi Press is publishing works in the Children of Gaia universe, and funding itself with a Patreon campaign. Subscribers get the inside scoop on upcoming projects, access to exclusive artwork, and the opportunity to appear in our worlds—among many other rewards. Check them all out at: patreon.com/oneshipress.

Watch our co-founder and artist, Jayel Draco, create original artwork for Children of Gaia and other Oneshi Press projects on his live-stream every Tuesday and Thursday evening starting at 5:30 pm Mountain Time at twitch.tv/jayeldraco. Commission him to create original artwork for you by using the “tip jar” or by becoming a Patreon subscriber.

Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel Draco

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