The Great Nations Soundtrack by Jack Schell—Out Now!

April 14, 2020

We are excited to announce the release of the Great Nations Soundtrack, created by Jack Schell, the Soundweaver! This audio companion to The Great Nations of Rendaraia will spirit you off to the fantasy realm of Rendaraia like you’ve never imagined! About The Great Nations of Rendaraia In 2016, Oneshi Press released The Great Nations of Rendaraia. This gorgeous, 150-page, illustrated sci-fi/fantasy novel by Jayel Draco explored the history and lore of Rendaraian culture. It focused on the five Great Nations of Rendaraia, which stood for centuries as strongholds of magic, science, and [...Read More...]

Introducing “Trinkets”—A New COG Short Comic!

January 23, 2020

There’s a brand-new Children of Gaia short comic in the world! Out now in the Justice Anthology and as a digital comic download, “Trinkets” combines writing by Lynsey G., art by Eldkrind, and letters by Cardinal Rae. Together, they tell a heartwarming story of friendship and justice. About Sylvanakaia Deep in the forests of Sylvanakaia, in a remote region of Rendaraia, dwell the Keetsune’Kesh. A raider tribe, they survive on their wits—and whatever they can steal from nearby Maeztere’Kesh villages. The raiders return with spoils—fat Corater’Adda calves, [...Read More...]

Virtual Launch Party for “War & Horses”—You’re Invited!

December 9, 2019

You’re invited to a virtual launch party for Children of Gaia: War & Horses! On Tuesday, December 10, Oneshi Press is throwing a party! That means that the creators of this unique illustrated novel will be in one place—digitally. Starting at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time (that’s 7:00 Eastern, 4:00 Pacific), co-illustrator Jayel Draco and editor Lynsey G. will live-stream from Oneshi Press Headquarters. Meanwhile, co-illustrator Chris Covelli and author Peter Lampasona will join via live voice chat. The launch party will continue for several hours. So pop in to the Oneshi Press [...Read More...]

Preorders Now Open for “War & Horses”!

November 27, 2019

The first weird-western set in the Children of Gaia sci-fi fantasy universe—War & Horses—is now available for preorder from the Oneshi Press store! The hotly anticipated illustrated trade paperback written by Peter Lampasona and co-illustrated by Chris Covelli and Jayel Draco is almost here. Every preorder will ship with a complimentary shwag pack full of Children of Gaia and Oneshi Press merch! Preorders end on December 10, when the book will officially be released. So order yours today! About War & Horses Written like a dime-store western novel, War & Horses is the second [...Read More...]

Interviews with “War & Horses” Co-Creators!

September 5, 2019

The Kickstarter to fund printing of Children of Gaia: War & Horses is winding down! This weird-western illustrated dime novel is climbing closer to its funding goal. The Oneshi Press crew is releasing new tracks from Jack Schell’s final album, Great Nations Soundtrack, along the way. With under a week left in the campaign, it’s time get inside the heads of two creators who worked on this gritty sci-fi-fantasy story. Oneshi Press published interviews with War & Horses author Peter Lampasona and co-illustrator Chris Covelli about their inspirations, their creative [...Read More...]

Ask Children of Gaia Creators Your Questions LIVE on Saturday!

August 30, 2019

This Saturday afternoon, four members of the Children of Gaia creative team will go live to answer your questions! The creators of Children of Gaia: War & Horses—author Peter Lampasona, illustrators Chris Covelli and Jayel Draco, and editor Lynsey G.—will live-stream a two-hour Q&A on Twitch! This weird western fantasy novel is different from the other Children of Gaia projects they’ve released so far. If you’ve got questions, they want to hear them—and answer them live! Got War & Horses Questions? Oneshi Press is Kickstarting the funds to print War & Horses [...Read More...]

“War & Horses”—The 2nd COG Book—Is Kickstarting Now!

August 15, 2019

The next illustrated novel from the Children of Gaia fantasy universe—War & Horses—is almost ready. And Oneshi Press is Kickstarting funding to print and distribute it right now! About the Story War & Horses is the second full-length book in the Children of Gaia fantasy series, following The Great Nations of Rendaraia. It will turn all your expectations for fantasy fiction and art upside down in a gritty, gun-slinging, Old-West way. Packed with heart-pounding action and smudged with a grimy atmosphere of guns and grit, War & Horses is like no fantasy novel you’ve read [...Read More...]

“COG: Carrying Iron” Out Now in Oneshi Press Anthology #08

July 26, 2019

About “Carrying Iron” There’s a brand-new Children of Gaia short comic in the world—and it’s doing something brand new! “Carrying Iron” is the first COG story set in the realm of Terra, where humans hold sway, technology is moving fast, the new world has just been discovered, and colonization is under way. “Carrying Iron” is also the first COG story to feature the Triggerman, a pivotal character whose legend will only grow with time…and a series of books devoted entirely to him. And, on top of all that, “Carring Iron” is the [...Read More...]

One Subscription = Everything Children of Gaia!

June 28, 2019

If you’re a fan of epic fantasy adventures, vast universe-building, deep creature and culture creation, and utterly immersive storytelling, we’ve got fantastic news. Fans of Children of Gaia can now subscribe to get every new comic, graphic novel, and illustrated book from their favorite fantasy universe—with a simple monthly donation! No more scouring the internet for release dates. To heck with keeping up with every fund-raiser! Down with remembering what comes out next! Forget placing orders! Now, you can get it all with one subscription to the Oneshi Press Patreon! A [...Read More...]
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