Jack Schell

Great Nations

Composer for COG

“When I remember what I came here for, to bring you happiness and joy”  – Jack Schell
August 13, 1959 – June 10, 2018 ~ 
May his song resound eternal

Jack Schell (he/him) Composer for Oneshi Press, AKA: The Sound Weaver created the music for the Children of Gaia: The Great nations of Rendaraia Sountrack, the Oneshi Press Intro Video, and several other Oneshi Press projects. Jack draws from the broadest range of musical styles and genres. Jack’s compositions evoke visual images in the listener’s mind to form what may be called ‘soundscapes’ or ‘musical art pieces’.  Jack Schell has a unique signature sound and style. His uncommon rhythms combined with sweet, sometimes quirky and fun and memorable melodies form original sound compositions that appeal to those from all walks of life. From an early age Jack picked up instruments and made music from them, often with a unique perspective that influenced the sounds he produced. He learned piano, clarinet, drums and percussion in his childhood. He picked up again with the advent of Atari computer and MIDI music software in the mid-1980’s when he began to compose his signature style music. Now with several releases over the last thirty years, Jack creates well-rounded soundscapes filled with depth and intrigue.