“The Great Nations of Rendaraia” Now Available on Kindle!

great nations map with totems by Jayel Draco

Oneshi Press announces the release of the e-book edition of Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, the first book from the fantasy universe of Children of Gaia! This gorgeous, intricate, inclusive, and fascinating compendium is now available from Amazon Kindle for just $4.99!

The book is a collection of the art, history, culture, magic, science, architecture, and wildlife of the five Great Nations that powered an entire world. These Nations were destroyed by invaders, and now the scholar Jan’Ka’Zian, plagued by survivor guilt, endeavors to to preserve their memories for future generations. His text and drawings are all that remain of these once-proud centers of Elvereshi civilization. 

Great Nations introduces readers to the fantasy universe of Children of Gaia. Learn about the complex cultures that make up the realm of Rendaraia, the animals they revered, the values they cherished, and the feats of engineering, spiritual awakening, and scientific progress they attained. Marvel at the destruction visited upon them by imperial invaders. Revel in the lavish illustrations. And be transported to another world!

The book has been called “fascinating,” “beautifully illustrated,” “thought-provoking,” and “a visual feast,” and now it’s available in digital format! Written and illustrated by Jayel Draco and published by Oneshi Press, this pioneering fantasy art novel is now available in e-book form for just $4.99! Get your copy today!

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