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Oneshi Press: We build worlds . . . You're invited

All Children of Gaia projects are published by Oneshi Press. Founded by writer-and-illustrator team Lynsey G and Jayel Draco, Oneshi Press is an independent publisher dedicated to lushly-illustrated, progressive, thought-provoking sci-fi and fantasy storytelling across a range of media.

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Oneshi Press is supported by subscription-based crowdfunding platform Patreon. In return for a monthly pledge, our subscribers get exclusive first looks at high-resolution finished artwork as well as work in progress. They’re the first to learn about new developments, and they get high-quality prints and downloads available nowhere else.

Some subscribers get the chance to step into the worlds we create. At certain donation levels, you can appear as a background character in one of our books or get your very own short story written about you. This is an ideal gift for anyone who’s always wanted to be in a graphic novel (and who hasn’t?).

Even better, co-founder and resident artist Jayel Draco will create custom artwork for subscribers on his Twitch stream at twitch.tv/jayeldraco—starting at 15 minutes of live drawing. You pick the topic (with a few restrictions, of course) and the time—we’ll work around your schedule.

Your contribution allows us to devote more time and resources to our projects—and get them out faster. Subscribe at patreon.com/oneshipress and learn more about our campaign by watching the video below:

Oneshi Press: We build worlds . . . You’re invited.

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