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Children of Gaia - Beam Divider - by Jayel DracoA brief history of COG:

COG (Children of Gaia) is an epic sci-fi/fantasy narrative that revolves around a war between these two lands, Terra and Rendaria. The core of the story encompasses numerous characters, and spans multiple generations. Magic, immortals, fae tribes, and a gun toting imperial armies set the stage wherein a drama wrought with the struggle between hegemony and freedom will determine the fate of both.

COG was first conceived in it’s most rudimentary form by Christopher Covelli and Jayel Draco in 1994. Since then they have devoted themselves to developing the worlds and the denizens therein. in more recent years, Chris and Jayel have been joined by Laure Bersig, Peter Lampasona, and Lynsey G to help flesh out and balance the developing complex narrative.  This COG Core group has since written hundreds of documents fleshing out fictional societies, characters, and interactions in depth for the purposes of creating a more informed and believable story.

Currently, the main story spans ten books (seasons) that are each ten chapters (episodes). The first book is quite fleshed out while the remaining nine are mostly still in outline form. Aside from the main COG story line, the COG Core group is poised to release side-story and back story projects as an introduction to the universe in which this story takes place. One such side-story currently in the works is “The Great Nations of Rendaraia”, which is written and illustrated from the vantage point of Jan Ka’Zian, a character within the main COG story line. The book is set to be released by Oneshi Press upon it’s completion.

COG - Children of Gaia - Great Nations of Rendaraia

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