A New Children of Gaia Short Comic—Out Now!

GurKaTrun SenTelis Children of Gaia Refuge by Jayel Draco

The Children of Gaia fantasy universe is vast and immersive. But some of its stories are going to be told quickly.

The First Children of Gaia Short Comic

We are proud to present “Refuge,” the first Children of Gaia short comic! Written and illustrated with lavish beauty by Jayel Draco, “Refuge” follows two fae scouts as they escape the guns of Terran invaders, navigate the perilous jungles and rivers of central Rendaraia, and endure injury and hardship. They do it all in hopes of making it back to the refugee camp they call home. Their friends must be warned of the invasion that’s headed their way…but can the scouts make it back in time? If they do, what will happen to their camp? To the family they’ve forged out of loss and hardship?

“Refuge” will leave you awestruck by the art, the setting, and the bravery of the characters you’ve come to love in eight short pages.

Available Now!

“Refuge” is eight pages of comic panels so painstakingly illustrated, they’re paintings unto themselves. Jayel Draco has outdone himself on this masterpiece of imagination, illustration, and storytelling.

It appears in the seventh Oneshi Press quarterly anthology in trade paperback from the Oneshi Press store. The anthology is also available digitally on ComiXology. And now, for the first time, the short comic is available as a standalone download! Take your pick of reading options—but don’t miss this beautiful new addition to the Children of Gaia universe!

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