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Introducing “Trinkets”—A New COG Short Comic!

January 23, 2020

There’s a brand-new Children of Gaia short comic in the world! Out now in the Justice Anthology, “Trinkets” combines writing by Lynsey G., art by Eldkrind, and letters by Cardinal Rae. Together, they tell a heartwarming story of friendship and justice. About Sylvanakaia Deep in the forests of Sylvanakaia, in a remote region of Rendaraia, dwell the Keetsune’Kesh. A raider tribe, they survive on their wits—and whatever they can steal from nearby Maeztere’Kesh villages. The raiders return with spoils—fat Corater’Adda calves, processed grain, and especially [...Read More...]

“COG: Carrying Iron” Out Now in Oneshi Press Anthology #08

July 26, 2019

About “Carrying Iron” There’s a brand-new Children of Gaia short comic in the world—and it’s doing something brand new! “Carrying Iron” is the first COG story set in the realm of Terra, where humans hold sway, technology is moving fast, the new world has just been discovered, and colonization is under way. “Carrying Iron” is also the first COG story to feature the Triggerman, a pivotal character whose legend will only grow with time…and a series of books devoted entirely to him. And, on top of all that, “Carring Iron” is the [...Read More...]

Introducing “Children of Gaia: Refuge”!

March 20, 2018

The chase is on, but who is the hunter and who is the prey? When high fantasy meets familiar warfare and stereotypes are turned upside down, things aren’t quite how they seem. Welcome to the short comic fantasy adventure—”Children of Gaia: Refuge”! Children of Gaia: Refuge Peek into the larger fantasy universe of Children of Gaia as Rendaraian refugees and Terran invaders battle the realm’s most dangerous terrain. Who will reach the destination they’re all racing toward first? And will the refugees living there there survive? In his first-ever short [...Read More...]