Ask Children of Gaia Creators Your Questions LIVE on Saturday!

This Saturday afternoon, four members of the Children of Gaia creative team will go live to answer your questions! The creators of Children of Gaia: War & Horses—author Peter Lampasona, illustrators Chris Covelli and Jayel Draco, and editor Lynsey G.—will live-stream a two-hour Q&A on Twitch! This weird western fantasy novel is different from the other Children of Gaia projects they’ve released so far. If you’ve got questions, they want to hear them—and answer them live!

Got War & Horses Questions?

Oneshi Press is Kickstarting the funds to print War & Horses right now. It’s a weird western pulp fantasy novel about a rustler who’s much more. It’s different from anything else that’s come from the Children of Gaia universe. And it’s attached to a soundtrack!

It’s only natural that such a unique project might inspire questions.

Wondering what a “weird western” is? Or how the Wild West setting fits into the larger Children of Gaia universe? Pondering how to work on your own collaborative fantasy book? Have art-making questions? Want to know how the Children of Gaia crew teamed up with visionary composer Jack Schell to create a soundtrack to their work? And who the heck is this Triggerman guy, anyway?

Bring it on!

Here’s How to Get Answers

Just sign in to Jayel Draco’s channel on Twitch (it’s free and super easy!) this Saturday, August 31, between 1:00 pm MDT (that’s 3:00 Eastern, 12:00 noon Pacific) and 3:00. Take part in the live chat, ask your questions, and get lots of answers! Not to mention a behind-the-scenes look at who these creators are, how they work together, and what they’re making.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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