Interviews with “War & Horses” Co-Creators!

The Kickstarter to fund printing of Children of Gaia: War & Horses is winding down! This weird-western illustrated dime novel is climbing closer to its funding goal. The Oneshi Press crew is releasing new tracks from Jack Schell’s final album, Great Nations Soundtrack, along the way. With under a week left in the campaign, it’s time get inside the heads of two creators who worked on this gritty sci-fi-fantasy story. Oneshi Press published interviews with War & Horses author Peter Lampasona and co-illustrator Chris Covelli about their inspirations, their creative processes, and how they came to work on this weird western!

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Author Peter Lampasona

Here’s an excerpt from Lampasona’s interview, where the author spoke about his character, the Triggerman:

What I came up with was the personality for The Triggerman—a man who does a job of killing because it has to be done and he is just a natural at it. The people he kills are neither good nor bad, but they are in the way. Sprinkle in a little of the smarm and edge from the Timothy Dalton version of James Bond (the BEST Bond. Fucking fight me) and a penchant for soliloquizing, and here we are.

Read the whole interview at the Oneshi Press blog!

chris covelli illustrator interview children of gaia: war & horses

Illustrator Chris Covelli

And Chris Covelli, one of the original co-creators of Children of Gaia, weighed in on collaborating with a group on this Children of Gaia project:

I’m honestly amazed at how easily Pete was able to take my few initial thoughts about Draven culture and turn it into a fully realized setting, one that his Triggerman character fit into, and one that took on a style that Pete could truly call his own. Every bit of the larger themes I wanted to portray within this short story, Pete was able to include almost effortlessly. There’s a certain joy when everyone can add their best to a creative project, and the result is vastly better than any one vision dominating the process.

Read the rest of the interview at the Oneshi Press blog!

And don’t forget to visit the Kickstarter campaign! Every pledge, share, and mention helps the second Children of Gaia book get closer to creation!

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