Just Launched! Children of Gaia: The Mag Tower TTRPG

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Oneshi Press is proud to announce its first Children of Gaia Kickstarter campaign since 2019!

Children of Gaia: The Mag Tower Fantasy TTRPG is now live on Kickstarter!

This campaign is raising funds for the first table-top role-playing game ever set in the vast Children of Gaia universe, and it focuses on one of the story’s most pivotal battles.

the mag tower
vargas assault squad mag tower ttrpg

The Mag Tower Siege

A foreign power has invaded the magical realm of Rendaraia, laying waste to its most ancient civilizations. 

Now, elite squads of the empire’s most seasoned soldiers descend upon magic’s last stronghold: the Mag Tower, hidden for years in the deepest forests of Mitheraia.

Inside their tower, the Mag have trained and lived as reclusive sorcerers, fierce warriors, and guardians of the fabled Mage Stones—powerful magical relics that they’ve sworn to protect with  their very lives.

House Vargas, the military leader of the Terran Empire, will stop at nothing to gain control of Rendaraia’s greatest treasures. The empire’s most experienced soldiers have been dispatched deep into Mitheraian territory to retrieve the Mage Stones…at any cost.

In the Mag Tower TTRPG, you can play as either side in the epic battle to protect—or to steal—the Mage Stones! 

Digital Game Board

This simple, one-off table-top game can be played in 45 minutes or less by 2-12 players at any experience level.

You can play on an IRL tabletop using D6… or use our interactive digital game board—included with the game!

This custom game-play board is fully interactive, allowing players from anywhere in the world to play together in real time!

Custom Dice

Or, play IRL with these beautifully hand-crafted custom dice by Kristina Varnell, master dice maker at Flute’s Creations.

Made to represent the Mage Stones within the game, these beautifully crafted D6 will immerse you in the world of the Mag Tower during your game!

cog: diplomacy by chris covelli lacerta cardinal rae

In addition to the game zine and digital board, you can further enrich your experience with…

COG: Diplomacy

A beautiful 12-page comic written and illustrated by Children of Gaia co-creator Chris Covelli, with colors by Wanda “Lacerta” Kluge, and lettering from Cardinal Rae

Tensions are rising between the Empire of Celes and the Great Nations of Rendaraia. As the son of the empire’s highest general, Siegfried Vargas attempts to resolve the conflict peacefully. But navigating strange customs and opposing ideals in the foreign capital of Mithera, Siegfried wonders if war may be inevitable

Go deep into the backstory behind the Children of Gaia series with this stunningly illustrated comic in print or digital format!

mitheran fauna coloring book by shadowind erin cooper

Mitheran Fauna

A gorgeous 28-page coloring book by Erin “Shadowind” Cooper.

In the deeply magical Great Nation of Mithera, the creatures and plants, insects and fungus, flora and fauna are just as fantastical as the elven mages who devote their lives to the mystical arts. 

Now, in stunning line drawings, wildlife artist Shadowind presents a fully realized fantasy ecosystem that will dazzle your eyes. 

Bring it to life with your own colors or save this beautiful bestiary for posterity! (Or do both!)

Get the FREE 32-page preview now!

The first two chapters of our fully illustrated, deeply-immersive, high-fantasy lore book, COG: The Great Nations of Rendaraia, is our gift to you!

Just tell us where to send your free copy!

To get the free 32-Page preview right now, visit: oneshipress.com/greatnations

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