The Great Nations Soundtrack by Jack Schell—Out Now!

We are excited to announce the release of the Great Nations Soundtrack, created by Jack Schell, the Soundweaver! This audio companion to The Great Nations of Rendaraia will spirit you off to the fantasy realm of Rendaraia like you’ve never imagined!

About The Great Nations of Rendaraia

In 2016, Oneshi Press released The Great Nations of Rendaraia. This gorgeous, 150-page, illustrated sci-fi/fantasy novel by Jayel Draco explored the history and lore of Rendaraian culture. It focused on the five Great Nations of Rendaraia, which stood for centuries as strongholds of magic, science, and culture. But then the Nations mysteriously fell—each destroyed in a day, with no word or warning. In response, the intrepid scholar Jan’Ka’Zian set out to record what he remembered before it was too late. Jayel Draco’s gorgeous illustrations present elaborate cityscapes and mountain vistas, vast skyfaring fleets, and fantastic flora and fauna.
You can get a taste of the book in this video introduction, and get the book in print or digital from the Oneshi Press store!

About the Great Nations Soundtrack

But the book was just the beginning! It launched the Children of Gaia series—in which there are two full-length books, three short comics, and now, one soundtrack! Great Nations inspired the jazz/rock composer, Jack Schell, the Soundweaver, to create a full-length Soundtrack to accompany the book that spawned it. Great Nations Soundtrack is not only a beautiful, ethereal dreamscape that stands as a testament to Schell’s and Draco’s combined vision…it is also the last album that Schell created before his passing in 2018.
You can preview the soundtrack by listening to pieces of each song at the product page at the store before downloading.

Enjoy the Soundtrack today!

The Great Nations Soundtrack is now available as a standalone musical download. It’s also half of a digital bundle that combines the soundtrack with the book that inspired it.
We invite you to drift off into the epic tale and images in the book. And Jack Schell’s music can spirit you away to the landscape and feeling of Rendaraia herself. It is with great reverence that we thank you on Jack’s behalf for listening with an open heart. Let your mind wander through his soundscapes as you explore Rendaraia.

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