Introducing “Children of Gaia: Refuge”!

Children of Gaia Refuge

The chase is on, but who is the hunter and who is the prey? When high fantasy meets familiar warfare and stereotypes are turned upside down, things aren’t quite how they seem. Welcome to the short comic fantasy adventure—”Children of Gaia: Refuge”!

Children of Gaia: Refuge

Peek into the larger fantasy universe of Children of Gaia as Rendaraian refugees and Terran invaders battle the realm’s most dangerous terrain. Who will reach the destination they’re all racing toward first? And will the refugees living there there survive?

In his first-ever short comic Jayel Draco poses tough questions. He also gives deeper insight into the challenges facing COG characters. Meanwhile, he dazzles readers with gorgeous art and a progressive, immersive sequential-art story.

“Refuge” is designed to be included among collections, such as the Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology and future Children of Gaia works. The art promises to captivate, the story to thrill, and the process to delight! Tune in to artist Jayel Draco’s live-streams on Tuesday and Thursday nights as he creates the art for his first-ever short comic project—”Children of Gaia: Refuge”!

Children of Gaia

The vast fantasy universe of Children of Gaia is unfolding! The COG core team is always working on the next piece of the story. So you can expect illustrated novels, dime-store westerns, comics, graphic novels, novels, and more as this fantasy epic continues. Or read The Great Nations of Rendaraia, available at the Oneshi Press store, to immerse immerse yourself in high fantasy art and storytelling right now!

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