Virtual Launch Party for “War & Horses”—You’re Invited!

launch party war & horses

You’re invited to a virtual launch party for Children of Gaia: War & Horses!

On Tuesday, December 10, Oneshi Press is throwing a party! That means that the creators of this unique illustrated novel will be in one place—digitally.
Starting at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time (that’s 7:00 Eastern, 4:00 Pacific), co-illustrator Jayel Draco and editor Lynsey G. will live-stream from Oneshi Press Headquarters. Meanwhile, co-illustrator Chris Covelli and author Peter Lampasona will join via live voice chat.
The launch party will continue for several hours. So pop in to the Oneshi Press Twitch channel anytime that evening to say hi!
Together, tteam will leaf through the book, show off the illustrations, answer questions from the audience, perform live readings, give away a copy of War & Horses, and toast to success with Oneshi Press’s own Shwiskey!
RSVP to the event in advance, or just join the party on Tuesday night at the Oneshi Press Twitch channel
War & Horses is an action-packed, gun-slinging adventure. But it’s also a weird western fantasy novel like no other. Peter Lampasona’s stylized prose pairs with Chris Covelli and Jayel Draco’s photo-plate- and etching-style illustrations. The end result is a stunning peek into a world like of our own American Wild West. Except here, horses have horns, the frontier is long gone, and political intrigue comes with history, guns, and grit. 
“In War & Horses,” says author Peter Lampasona, “there are different levels of mythology that really reflect the old Western dime novels that this book based on. But War & Horses is something that no one’s ever entirely seen before.”
Want to learn more? Then stop by the launch party on Tuesday!

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